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America's Cheerful Charity of Random Acts of Kindness

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America's Cheerful Charity! Handmade Soap 4 Hope gives Random Acts of Kindness with their handcrafted soaps and other tangible resources to inspire hope and joy to the general public, the downtrodden and poor. Their Online Fundraising Soap Shop has over 350 handcrafted soap designs and salves. Visit and support their mission to keep hope alive in America! 

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Our Mission:

To provide daily Random Acts of Kindness throughout America with our handmade soaps and other resources to inspire hope regardless of race, gender, age, religion or economic status. And, to provoke others to do the same.

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Daily Encouragement

with Ashley Campbell

Ashley's mission is to help Christians who believe they are worthless establish their worth by uncovering their core values in the context of their own lives.

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Check out Straight Up No Chaser with Cha-Cha

ENTERTAIN. ENLIGHTEN. UPLIFT. Straight Up No Chaser with Cha-Cha provides interesting guests, relevant conversations and a platform for people to speak truth.

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Checkout Motivating U2Win

Join Sister Sharon as she shares exhortations and edification with viewers on her YouTube channel Motivating U2Win. Get fresh prophetic insight through the Word 

of God.

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Checkout To See You

Checkout Clarise Hicks in her latest video To See You!


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